Zornige Romantik – Teil IV

Echte Tradition im vorgenannten Sinn endet dort, wo eine Kunstform das lebendige Weiterreichen der eigenen Flamme verlernt und stattdessen beginnt, sich nur mehr aus sich selbst heraus zu speisen und sich so Stück für Stück selbst aufzehrt. Ein solches Schicksal wird nur allzu vielen zeitgenössischen Musikstilen zuteil … More Zornige Romantik – Teil IV


Reclaiming The Throne – Part I

The story of Noctis’ journey is at large a tale of his coming of age and transition from boyhood to manhood. His gang of friends and comrades features as the prime agent for his growth and development, just as the primal gang of men envisioned by Jack Donovan constitutes the ideal space for masculinity to prosper … More Reclaiming The Throne – Part I

Neon Lights and Oaken Leaves

It is a long standing tradition among my circle of friends to meet at least once a month at a friend’s home in a rural area and spend the evening drinking beer, talking and listening to music together. Music has always been our most important shared interest and the countless hours we’ve spent indulging in the astral spheres of sound have been an integral part of my youth … More Neon Lights and Oaken Leaves

Metapolitics and Popular Culture – A Preface

The concept of metapolitics has become one of the most important and profound tools to understand the political and cultural framework of the contemporary Western world and reveal it’s intricate workings. While this concept has successfully been employed by the Left for decades the Right is now slowly picking up on many years of missed opportunities … More Metapolitics and Popular Culture – A Preface