Beneath the Waves

Sonett written in 2014 under the strong and strange impression of reading Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagus Under The Sea”. One of my first attempts at creating poetry.

Beneath the Waves

There crash the waves above our heads at last

As I bid the murky sky a faint fare-well

The organ’s wails hint at the sanguinary past

I leave behind, as we plunge into the swell

We sink beneath the waters in silent agony

As the abyss my soul is void and cold

To drown our sorrows fathoms deep eternally

This distant refuge no nation shall behold

The brilliant bloom of hatred I still foster in my heart

Fest’ring in a mire of grievous memory

Its musty odours ever tormenting my sleep

But as the spells of name and title gradually depart

I merge with the sea and I know I will be:

No-one – Nothing, The Great Unknown in the deep



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