Into Clandestine Shades

Poem written in 2013 under the strong and strange impression of reading the poetry and prose of H. P. Lovecrfat and Edgar Allan Poe. One of my first attempts at creating poetry.

She spreads her wings in soundless flight

Robed with blackened leather-gown

Takes the dreamer’s soul out into the night

Upon his brow a trembling frown

Upon her hair a sombre crown

They stray afar into a starry sky

By silent night winds carried aloft

To nameless realms of marvel they fly

Where forlorn mem’ries are lost

Where the gloom’s touch is soft

Through mournful woods and temples they pass

The old Silver Key leads their way

In cryptic ruins resting on silvery grass

Keeping the twilight at bay

Keeping the dull days away



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