The Cause

“Neuen adel den ihr suchet / Führt nicht her von schild und krone! / Stammlos wachsen im gewühle / Seltne sprosse eignen ranges” – Stefan George

REX PAGANUS is the creative outlet of A. J. Rex, a twenty-somethings Millenial from Bavaria (Germany), discontent with modernity and trying to add his small flame to the ever growing fires of resistance against the debasement of European culture and civilization in the “current year”.rex-paganus-voll

Born neither peasant nor noble, but thrust into the ever widening gyre in between, we strive to reconcile an earthbound spirituality with an aristocratic mindset, riding the tiger as hard as we can while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground.

This blog consists of personal essays on philosophy, literature, music and pop-culture, always pertaining to the singular situation and mindset of the young generation in Europe and the greater West. Occasionally we will spice up the mix with authentic pieces of poetry or witty thoughts on politics and society.

We publish in English and German. Both languages share an innate beauty in our eyes and while the English language offers the possibility to reach infinite amounts of readers, our Mother Tounge is the only one suited for more in-depth thoughts and analysis.

“…schweigen und walten, / wissend, daß sie zerfällt, / dennoch die Schwerter halten / vor die Stunde der Welt.” – Gottfried Benn

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